Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Cook Japanese Fried chicken Recipe

This Video will show you guys how to cook Japanese fried chicken called ''Kara-age''. Actually there are so many ways to cook. So you can call this is runnyrunny999's kara-age. You can add whatever ingredients you want. But I would recommend you to use both garlic and ginger if you like them. hope you guys who have watched this will cook it yourself at home. Because it tastes really good if you follow this video. And if you have time to put it in refrigerator about 1~2 hour or more before you fry it, think it will get more tasty and juicy after it's cooked.

Here are what I used on my Kara-age today

1. 300 grams chicken (1~3 person)
2. Garlic ( 3 piece from 1 garlic)
3. 1 and half large tabe spoon of white wine ( Japanese cooking sake would be good!)
4. 1 and half large tabe spoon of soy sauce
5. 7 grams sugar (It doesn't need to be brown sugar)
6. Salt and pepper
7. Flour
8. Corn starch

**The temperature of Oil is supposed to be about 150℃~160℃. I just fried it till it turned brown in color.** 

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